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Experienced Maryland Lawyer Protects Employees’ Rights

Rockville firm represents workers throughout the Washington, D.C. area

Problems at work can interfere with your ability to support yourself and can even affect your health. If your employer is not acting properly, a skilled labor and employment advocate will assert your rights in whatever forum is appropriate. My firm, The Law Office of Mitchell Batt, has a successful track record winning substantial relief for employees in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. From my office in Rockville, I provide comprehensive legal representation in cases involving discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, workplace safety and other employment matters. Having practiced almost exclusively in this area, I have detailed knowledge of federal labor laws and the rules governing workplaces in all three jurisdictions.

Accomplished litigator gets strong results in labor and employment cases

From the negotiation of salaries and benefits through wrongful termination actions, my firm provides strong legal support for Beltway-area workers. I have delivered favorable results to clients in cases involving employment matters such as:

  • Discrimination claims — My firm handles litigation, actions before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other authorities on behalf of workers who have been discriminated against due to their race, religion, sex, gender, ethnic background, age, disability status, or membership in another group protected under the law. Likewise, if you have been sexually harassed, I will take immediate steps to halt this type of misconduct.
  • Workplace safety — I have a detailed understanding of OSHA rules and other safety standards that govern industrial settings and other workplace environments. My firm strives to correct hazardous conditions and obtain relief for employees who have been victimized as well as those whistleblowers who have suffered retaliation for reporting violations.
  • Noncompete agreements — If you have been asked to sign a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement as a condition of your employment, or if a previously executed agreement is being enforced against you improperly, my firm will clearly explain your rights and options.

Whether your situation only affects you or involves fellow workers, such as collective bargaining or class action matter, my firm has the background and ability to guide you toward a favorable outcome.

Knowledgeable attorney advises on wage and hour law disputes

Providing the agreed-upon wage in exchange for work seems like a simple transaction, but many employers try to cut corners. They may refuse to pay time-and-a-half for overtime, or they may prevent workers from taking legally mandated breaks. It can be difficult to challenge these unlawful actions, but my firm takes assertive action to secure the payments that clients have earned. In addition to minimum-wage and overtime disputes, I also assist women in Equal Pay Act claims and people who aren’t being given the time off they are entitled to under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Skillful advocate handles claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act

In addition to rules governing minimum wage and overtime, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has rules covering child labor and recordkeeping. These standards, combined with various state and local regulations, make compliance difficult for companies and their managers. In addition to advocating for individual employees who are victims of FLSA violations, I use the knowledge gained over more than two decades of employment law practice to advise businesses on compliance matters.

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The Law Office of Mitchell Batt handles all types of labor and employment law issues for clients in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Please call 301-580-6902 or contact me online to schedule an appointment at my Rockville, Maryland office.

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